Leg Bag 500ml Sterile with 50cm Tube - Conveen (1)

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Leg Bag 500ml Sterile with 50cm Tube - Conveen (1)

The Coloplast Conveen Security+ Urine Collection Bag is a secure and reliable urinary collection bag with anti-kink tubing to prevent accidental leakage. Free of PVC and phthalates.

Wearing a leg bag doesn’t mean a stop to having an active lifestyle. Picking the correct bag can help you continue to enjoy life like before; since you are sure that, your incontinence sheath or catheter will keep draining effectively as it is supposed to. This drainage leg bag has been designed to provide reliable and comfortable urine collection hence giving the user a peace of mind at all times.

Its shape is contoured to perfectly fit and take shape of the thigh to minimise visibility. The adjustable tubing; is a special non-kink tubing, which ensures free flow of urine, while the non-return valve makes sure no backflow of urine will occur. Additionally, the 500ml leg bag has a long-lasting, non-woven fabric backing to minimise skin irritation and perspiration.


  • Leg bag suitable for incontinence purposes
  • Anti-kinking tubing that encourages free flow of urine and reduces the risk of back flow and prevents accidental leakage
  • Non-woven backing for extra comfort
  • Contoured shape for comfort and discretion
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Clamp tap
  • Clamp outlet makes it easy to verify proper closure
  • Extended outlet tube prevents contact with urine when emptying
  • Discreet and current design
  • Color scheme for less visibility under clothing
  • Leak free
  • Easy to operate
  • REF 51631
  • Size: 50cm inlet tube
  • Size: 500ml 
  • N/A