Hyalo4 Control Cream 25g (1)

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Hyalo4 Control Cream 25g (1)

Hyalo4 Control Plus is a topical preparation constituted by hyaluronic acid as its principal component. The presence of silver sulfadiazine in the product composition plays a role in preventing the microbial contamination, thus improving the hyaluronic acid ability to support wound healing. These characteristics allow to change the dressing even only once a day; this causes the minimum discomfort the patient and the minimum exposure of the lesion to the air, thus reducing the possibility of wound contamination.

Hyalo4 Plus is indicated for the management of skin lesions, especially those at high risk of infections. In particular it is intended to cover acute and chronic wounds and to provide a moist microbe-free wound environment. Hyalo4 Plus can be used on non-infected wounds to help prevent infection and, following successful treatment of infected wounds, to help prevent the re-infection. Suitable for: pressure sores, vascular ulcers of legs, first and second degree burns


  • Hyaluronic Acid provides a moist wound environment that facilitate healing and re-epithelialization
  • Silver sulfadiazine has a wide spectrum antibacterial action and is effective against many species of fungi, such as P. aeruginosa and E. pyrogenes, the most frequently found microorganisms in wounds and infected burns
  • Effective in management of pressure ulcers
  • Faster wound healing than with silver sulfadiazine alone
  • 1 x tube of cream is supplied
  • Size: 25g
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