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Gelbodies Heel and Ankle Protector - Medium

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Gelbodies Heel and Ankle Protector - Medium

The Gelbodies protectors use a pressure relieving gel, which is found in high end wheelchair cushions, to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form. The addition of padding to these areas improves circulation to those points by evenly distributing the body weight in those areas. By improving circulation, the Gelbodies protectors not only help to prevent pressure sores from forming, but also provide the patient with added overall comfort helping them to relax.

Gelbodies combine breathable, stretchy Coolband material with a specially formulated silicone-based gel. Provides soothing relief and pressure-relieving skin protection. The gel evenly distributes body weight and won’t bottom-out. Suitable for long-term care and rehabilitation patients.


  • Should not be worn for longer than 12 hours at a time
  • Gel insert is removable so that material protector can be hand washed
  • Measure around the ankle above the malleoli (the two protuberances)
  • 1 x heel/ankle protector is provided
  • Colour: grey
  • Size: medium

Size guide

Measure around the ankle above the maleoli (the two protuberances). Choose the larger size if measurement is between sizes.

  • Small: 20cm - 25cm
  • Medium: 25cm - 30cm
  • Large: 30cm - 36cm
  • N/A