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G5 Defibrillation Paediatric Pads

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G5 Defibrillation Paediatric Pads

Unfortunately, kids while a rare event compared to adults. Do experience unexpected cardiac arrests. To be ready for such a situation, it is important to have Defibrillation Paediatric pads as part of your AED first aid kit. These pads are smaller compared to the adult pads, so they can fit appropriately to a child’s body. However, the major difference is the energy delivery. 

G5 Defibrillation Paediatric Pads are purposely designed for use on kids aged 8 years and below or kids weighing 25kg or less. Remember, children bodies have less mass compared to adults; therefore, they do not need as much energy to resuscitate. The G5 Defibrillation Paediatric Pads are designed in a manner that, they can trim down the energy output from a defibrillator to a point which is effective to the child’s heart.  The reduction in the joules delivered is only activated when the pads are connected to the G5 defibrillator units.

Product descriptions and features

  • Designed to be used on kids aged 1-8
  • Reduce the energy output of the G5 defibrillator device, to a safe level for the kids
  • G5 defibrillator recognises automatically when the pads have been fitted.
  • Clear and comprehensive images aid in pad placement  during an emergency
  • Uses a non-polarized design
  • Shelf life: 2 years
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