Elset S Bandage 10cm x 12m (1)

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Elset S Bandage 10cm x 12m

The Elset S Bandage is the perfect solution for effective and comfortable post-surgery healing. Made of light, open weave rayon and covered elastic yarns, Elset provides supple light compression plus slip and conforming properties that will maintain that gentle tightness even as swelling decreases. The unsurpassed comfort means your patients won't be tempted to take off the bandage prematurely.

Elset S has been specifically designed for above- and below-the-knee stump bandaging, with a whopping 12 meter length providing enough of a continuous piece to wrap the full leg one time around. With its ease of use and lightweight design, it's the ideal wound management tool you need for longterm positive results. What's more, it's washable so you can reuse it when needed - just in case!

We know that in order for your patients to heal quickly and completely it's important to find reliable wound care solutions that can stand up to day-to-day challenges. That's why Elset S Bandage is the perfect choice - reliable quality materials combined with the convenience of a single one-piece bandage makes shorter treatment times possible now more than ever before. Don't hesitate - try Elset S today!

Product Features

  • Washable
  • Size: 10cm x 12m
  • Designed for above- and below-the-knee stump bandaging
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