Defibtech AED Trainer Package (1)

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 Defibtech AED Trainer Package (1)

The Defibtech AED Trainer Package feels and looks like the actual Lifeline AED. However, to differentiate it from the real AED, its rubberised exterior surfaces are red in colour instead of the usual black.  This trainer package is ideal for hands-on training to give students a realistic experience. In short, it stimulates how the actual AED will function in a real-life sudden cardiac arrest situation.

It features similar clear voice prompts just like the real Defibtech AED. Additionally, it’s easy to follow instructions, and this guides the rescuer through the whole rescue process, including CPR. Practice and hands-on training reduces panic and builds confidence, and this what the package is meant to achieve.


  • Looks and feels like the real AED
  • Boasts of the same features just like the real AED
  • Clearly indicated as a trainer and has a unique colour scheme to differentiate it from the real AED.
  • Ideal for AED/CPR training courses
  • Easy to follow directions guide
  • Includes: DDU-100TR Trainer AED, DCF-DBP-RC2 Training Battery (rechargeable), DTR-201 Training Battery Charger, DDP-101TR Adult Training Pads, DTR-400 Remote Control

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