Comfort EAB Strapping Tape 75mm x 4.5m (16)

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Comfort EAB Strapping Tape 75mm x 4.5m (16)

Introducing Comfort EAB Strapping Tape, the latest innovation from the First Aid Distributions family. This top of the range strapping tape is designed to provide unrivaled comfort and support – perfect for athletes who need a reliable and supportive solution during their exercise sessions. Soft enough not to cause irritation, this tape features a cotton blend with 3% nylon for superior strength and durability. Each roll measures 4.5m in length by 75mm width - giving you plenty of strapping for any sports related strain or pain!

The Comfort EAB Strapping Tape provides even distribution from heel to toe, making it an ideal heavy overwrap for many different injuries. Whether you're a professional athlete or just play sports recreationally, this strapping tape will get you back in the game quicker than ever. At the same time, Comfort EAB Strapping Tape prevents over gripping which can restrict blood circulation when using traditional elastic adhesive bandage strapping tapes.

Now available exclusively at First Aid Distributions, each 16-piece pack of Comfort EAB Strapping Tape offers outstanding value for money and provides complete peace of mind every time you reach down into your first aid kit. Get your hands on this instant injury remedy today – because sometimes a little comfort is worth way more than gold!


  • Softer than standard EAB
  • Cotton with 3% nylon
  • Ideal heavy overwrap
  • Strapping tape
  • Exclusive to First Aid Distributions
  • Box contains 16 x rolls of tape
  • Also sold individually (see separate listing)
  • 4.5m in length
  • Size: 75mm 
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