Bedside Urinary Drainage Bottle 4 Litre (1)

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Bedside Urinary Drainage Bottle 4 Litre (1)

A Bedside Urinary Drainage Bottle is portable urinal equipment that can successfully cater for overnight use especially for patients who find it difficult and impossible to get out of sleep. With it's distinctive and well constructive design, this bottle is meant to promote independence for all users. It is fitted with a carry handle and lid to prevent spillages.  This removable lid also makes emptying and cleaning easy. The clear, accommodative design allows the user to see when the equipment needs emptying.

The bedside urinary bottle is also meant for use with male external catheters and other suprapubic applications. It’s constructed from firm, high-density polyethylene making it durable and reusable. The risk of being pulled over or tipping is considerably reduced by the large bottom surface area.


  • Used to cater for long-term use especially for patients confined to bed
  • Large capacity 4 litres
  • Clear drainage tube
  • Washable and reusable
  • Large opening
  • Steady with flat bottom
  • 1.5 metre extension tubing 
  • Size: 4 litres
  • N/A