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Acticoat Flex 7 Antimicrobial Dressing

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Acticoat Flex 7 Antimicrobial Dressing

The Acticoat Flex 7 Antimicrobial Dressing is an antiseptic barrier dressing which consists of a flexible knitted polyester layer. It is designed with a nanocrystalline silver coating which efficiently eradicates a broad spectrum of over 150 types of bacteria. It is recommended for usage on a variety of wounds, such as several types of ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, surgical sites, donor sites, and skin grafts.

Listing is for single dressing - box image is for product identification purposes only. 


  • Saturated with proprietary bactericidal silver
  • Hinders the action of overthan 150 pathogens
  • Prompt antibacterial action within 30 minutes
  • Recommended as wound contact layer
  • Can be worn up to 7 days
  • Can be cut to fit wound size
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Stretches to body shape
  • Easy to use


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