Tubular Net Bandage

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This is for 1meter lengths, box is for demonstration purposes only.

Tubular Form Net Bandage is designed to manage wounds on hard-to-bandage parts of body like, elbows and knees. This breathable net bandage allows wound dressing without adhesives or tapes. For people who are allergic to sticky tapes, this flexible net bandage ensures repeated dressing changes without sticking to dressings, skin or hair.


Having Tubular Form Net Bandage in first aid box makes it easy to cut the bandage to the desired length.


  • Allows quick application and wound inspection
  • Great for frequent dressings
  • Retention bandage holds dressings without tape
  • Provides maximum breathability to wound
  • Easily accommodates all parts of body
  • Ideal to treat wound on fragile skin

Tubular Form Net Bandage conforms to body in order to allow mobility without constriction. This highly versatile bandage ensures low bulk, comfortable retention.  

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