Mepitel Silicone Dressing

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Mepitel® Safetac ® Silicone Dressing is effective and gentle contact layer designed with Safetac® technology. Open mesh construction allows exudate transfer to secondary dressing. This clinically proven silicone dressing supports wound healing process.


Good transparency of Mepitel® Safetac ® Silicone Dressing lets you examine healing progress and wound without removing contact layer.


  • Gentle & effective contact layer
  • Leaves no residues on removal
  • Maintains functional properties
  • Ideal for added patient comfort
  • Cost effective
  • Undisturbed healing

 Mepitel® Safetac ® Silicone Dressing protects skin and wound. It reduces pain and trauma during dressing changes. It works effectively for the treatment of various wounds like, skin abrasions, second-grade burns, lacerations, surgical incisions, blistering, arterial ulcers, venous and diabetic ulcers.  

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