Adaptic 7.6 x 20.3cm Non Adhering Dressing

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Adaptic® Non Adhering 7.6cm X 20.3cm Dressing is made from unique woven cellulose acetate mesh fabric. Infused with petrolatum emulsion, this non-adhering Adaptic® dressing provides gentle and smooth non-adherent wound contact layer.


Non-adhering properties of Adaptic® Non Adhering 7.6cm X 20.3cm dressing improve regeneration of tissues.


  • Absorptive dressing
  • Non-adhering
  • Trauma-free dressing removal
  • Protects restoration of tissue 
  • Provided added patient comfort
  • Allows exudate passing through secondary dressing
  • Prevent accumulation of fluids on wound site
  • 7.6cm X 20.3cm

Adaptic® Non Adhering 7.6cm X 20.3cm Dressing works effectively to prevent maceration of wounds and secondary dressing. It is ideal for the treatment of suture lines, abrasions, ulcerative wounds, skin grafts, and burns. 

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