Tegaderm with Pad Film Dressing

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Tegaderm Film Dressing with Pad is sterile and convenient dressing. This waterproof film dressing works as bacterial barrier during showering and prevents outside contaminants. Featuring breathable film, it does not hold back normal skin functioning.


For good oxygen or moisture vapor exchange, Tegaderm Film Dressing with Pad is the right choice. It can also be applied as secondary dressing on gauze, hydrogels and alginates.


  • Highly absorptive
  • Waterproof, sterile bacterial barrier
  • Breathable film
  • Non-adherent unique pad
  • Comes with reduced application time
  • Trauma-free dressing removal
  • Easy to apply

Tegaderm Film Dressing with Pad helps reduce surgical site bacterial infections. Its non-adherent unique pad enhances healing process by creating wound-healing moist environment. 

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