Compose Island Dressing

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Compose Island Adhesive Dressing is highly absorptive dressing with non-adherent interpose pad. Featuring four unique layers, this waterproof island dressing ensures wound care at all stages.


Non-adherent 1st layer protects wound site against sticking to granulation tissues. The 2nd soft pad layer absorbs drainage. The 3rd non-knitted backing layer with adhesive border holds contact layer in place. The 4th polyurethane semi-occlusive film prevents contaminants and maintains wound-healing environment.


  • Sterile
  • Adhesive dressing
  • Non-adherent interpose pad
  • 4-layer unique construction
  • Waterproof coating allows bathe/showering
  • Dirt & debris resistant
  • Maintains wound-healing environment
  •  Protects bed linens & clothing from exudate strike through or blood

Compose Island Adhesive Dressing maintains optimal wound-healing moist environment for added patient comfort. 

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