Iodosorb Cadexomer Dressing

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Wound exudate, in the correct amount, can cleanse the wound’s surface. Significantly, exudate also bathes the wound with essential nutrients.  However, sometimes the exudate amount tends to be excessive. Therefore, a balance needs to be achieved to prevent infections and promote a quick healing process. This can be successfully done by using up to date dressing materials that lock the wound fluids or exudates within the body of the dressing.

IODOSORB CADEXOMER dressing is a wound management product that removes the barriers to healing, thanks to its dual action antimicrobial properties. When used on wounds, it absorbs fluids and exudate and forms a gel over the wounded part. As a result of absorbing exudate, the dressing swells, and iodine is discharged killing the bacteria.

Production of iodine at this stage is also very important as it changes the dressing’s colour.  Change of colour indicates that another clean dressing is needed. Besides it healing features, IODOSORB CADEXOMER dressing is also known to eliminate the wound’s odour.

Product features and benefits

  • Effectively cuts down the bacteria load
  • Highly absorbent
  • Manages excess exudate
  • Non –adherent to minimise trauma during removal
  • Changes colour to signify when a dressing change is required
  • Odour control ability
  • Biodegradable
  • Comfortable and easy to use
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