Intrasite Conformable Dressing

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All wounds have irregular and inimitable topographies. It is downright tricky to get a perfect wound dressing that will fit wholly on flexing or curved body parts.  Attempting to dress a wound which overlies a joint, particularly that moves repeatedly or a vertical limb; for instance, the upper leg or arm is truly complicated.  And remember, if openings are left uncovered, bacteria may amass and increase the probability of wound infection.

The INTRASITE conformable dressing is easy to apply, conform to body topography and flexes with swelling or movements. The dressing facilitates packing of deep wounds, helping them heal from the base, hence forming a physical barrier to prevent untimely wound closure.  In addition, INTRASITE conformable dressing is good at forming and maintaining a moist wound environment, ideal for wounds to heal. Notably, the INTRASITE gel is handy in preventing adherence to the wounded area, allowing easy dressing changes to take place without hurting fragile new granulation tissue.   


  • Nonwoven dressing infused with amorphous hydrogel
  • Helps form and maintain moist wound environment ideal for healing
  • Highly conformable to awkward wound shapes
  • Low adherence - Allows easy dressing changes 
  • Safe for use during the entire wound healing process
  • Comfortable and easy to use




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