Cutinova Hydro Selective Dressing

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Exudate discharged by open wounds is vital for moist wound healing. Nonetheless, when wounds discharge inadequate or excessive exudates, or the constitution of the exudate is dangerous, a wide range of issues can arise, which eventually delay healing, agonize patients, and consume substantial healthcare resources. With that said, dressings are the most common option for effectively managing exudate at wound level.

CUTINOVA hydro is a distinctive, hydro-selective sterile dressing that is double layered to offer maximum exudate absorption. It selectively absorbs water from wound exudates, while at the same time, leaving essential growth factors and proteins of a patient in the wound. CUTINOVA hydro’s outer polyurethane layer is bacteria/waterproof, hence prevents cross contamination and minimizes the risk of infection. Additionally, it allows the patient to bathe or shower without requiring a dressing change.

Most importantly, CUTINOVA hydro is highly conformable and fits all body parts for easy application. It is also semi-transparent allowing the patient or the nurse to examine the state of the underlying wound even without removing the dressing.

Product features and benefits

  • Outer polyurethane layer is bacteria/water proof
  • Promote moist wound healing environment
  • Super absorbent particles that take in and lock away excess wound fluid
  • Hydro-selective
  • Leaves no dressing debris or gel in the wound
  • Adheres well to dry skin
  • Comfortable and easy to apply


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