Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing

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Note: Listing is for a single dressing, box images are for product idenftifcation purposes. 

Comfeel® Plus Transparent Dressing is ideally designed for the treatment of acute superficial wounds and chronic exuding wounds. It supports wound healing process without creating trauma at dressing removals.


With semi-absorptive polyurethane film, Comfeel® Plus Transparent Dressing contains moisture absorbing CMC particles (sodium carboxymethylcellulose) encapsulated in stocky, elastic and synthetic mass.


  • Flexible & thin dressing for sealing/healing exuding wounds
  • Great exudate management
  • Transparent dressing allows inspecting wounds without dressing removal
  • Can stay on wounds for more than 7 days
  • Conforms to all parts of body
  • Waterproof & bacteria-free top film
  • Forms absorptive viscous gel over wound
  • Non-adhering

Comfeel® Plus Transparent Dressing effectively works for the treatment of partial-thickness superficial burns, post-operative abrasions, and donor sites.   

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