Prontosan Wound Gel 30ml

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Prontosan® Wound Gel 30ml combines Betaine and Polyhexanide for cleansing acute and chronic wounds. This ready-to-apply innovative solution is designed to prevent biofilm and growth of harmful microorganisms. With maximum cleansing capacity, it provides prompt debridement.


For moisturizing, rinsing and cleansing of chronic and acute skin wounds, Prontosan® Wound Gel 30ml is the best decision.


  • Maximum cleansing power
  • Reduces chronic inflammation
  • Prevents biofilm
  • Increased pain control
  • Absorbs wound odors
  • Great moisturizer for chronic & acute skin wounds
  • Ensures immediate debridement
  • Easy application without any preparation

Prontosan® Wound Gel 30ml is recommended to apply on every dressing removal. This economical product comes with the shelf life of 28 days after opening. 

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