Eye and Wound Wash Saline 15ml

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Aerowash® Eye Wash Wound Irrigation Saline is sodium chloride sterile solution. It is formulated to cleanse wounds, flush away blood and tissue debris during surgical applications. It is useful in soaking surgical instruments, dressings and rinsing urethral catheter.


Containing 0.9% Sodium Chloride Aerowash® Eye Wash Wound Irrigation Saline is recommended for use in first aid situations.


  • 0.9% Sodium Chloride
  • Sterile solution
  • Great for cleansing wounds
  • Flushes away blood & tissue debris during surgical applications
  • Useful in soaking surgical instruments & dressings
  • Can be used to rinse urethral catheter
  • Ideal for first aid situations
  • Not recommended for injection usage
  • 15ml/container

Aerowash® Eye Wash Wound Irrigation Saline is labeled with easy-to-understand directions. It can be used for general first aid purposes.  

1 x 15ml code: 124075

50 x 15ml code: 125291

100 x 15ml code: 125292

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Eye Wash Saline Irrigation
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