Comfeel Barrier Cream 60g

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Comfeel® Coloplast Barrier Cream (100g) is perfect treatment for irritated or dry skin that is exposed to wounds exudate. This liquid-repellent cream softens skin for fast healing process. Containing pH buffer, it restores exact pH value for better treatment.


Highly effective Comfeel® Coloplast Barrier Cream contents like silicone oil and glycerol soothe irritated skin.


  • Soothes sore & dry skin
  • Provides great protection against irritation and maceration of skin
  • Liquid repellant cream
  • Stabilizes pH value in skin
  • Prevents harm to skin
  • 100g

Comfeel® Coloplast Barrier Cream (100g) is an ideal choice for the treatment of irritated and dry skin. 

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