Allevyn Non Adhesive Foam Dressing

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Wound healing is a vital prerequisite for survival. Let’s put it this way, without the capacity to heal wounds, the human body can succumb to infections or haemorrhage. A range of wound dressings have been developed to aid in matters relating to wound management. Some dressings are used to create a vacuum to wound sites, others to dry wounds, and most popular ones to moisten the wound areas.  

ALLEVYN non-adhesive is a popular foam dressing that has been used all over the world to treat wounds. It is an easy-to-use wound dressing, expressly built for moderate to heavy exuding wounds such as pressure sores, ulcers, surgical incisions, 1st and 2nd-degree burns and donor sites. Its distinctive tri-laminate structure enables it to absorb huge amounts of wound’s secretions, which can help stop macerations and maintain fewer dressings, making it economical while minimizing patient discomfort. Most importantly, ALLEVYN non-adhesive foam dressing can be cut to fit different wound shapes and locations.

Product features and benefits

  • Provides a moist wound environment ideal in preventing eschar formation
  • Unique Tri-laminate structure
  • Highly absorbent central hydro cellular layer
  • Non-adherent central hydro cellular layer
  • Non-adhesive - recommended for wounds bordered by sensitive skin
  • Water/bacteria proof outer film layer
  • Cut be cut to fit different wound’s shapes
  • Soft, cushioning and comfortable
  • Easy to use
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