Opsite Post Op Visible Dressing

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Skin acts as a protective shield by providing a barrier against microbial attack. Nevertheless, it is also fragile, and when scarred or punctured; this natural defence is damaged, allowing bacteria to invade the body. For that reason, every scar in the skin is potentially dangerous. What is required to prevent all this is to cover the wound or scarred area with high-quality dressings.

OPSITE OP VISIBLE is a dressing that is effective in managing wounds. It is a tri-layer dressing comprising of the lattice-shaped absorbent pad, low adherent wound contact layer and a top film which is both bacteria and waterproof. This dressing provides a top solution for successfully managing drain sites with the extra advantage of being able to examine the wound site without removing the dressing or unsettling the drain. The dressing’s design makes sure it is comfortable to wear while its low adhesive feature helps to reduce pain on removal.

Product features and benefits

  • Bacteria-proof and waterproof dressing
  • Manage exudates via a highly breathable and absorbent pad
  • Transparent pad that allows visibility of incision site
  • Non-adherent pad that doesn't disturb sutures, surgical glue or staples
  • Reduces risk of blistering
  • Highly conformable
  • Lower wear time 
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