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AeroFilm Plus Waterproof Dressing Pad features clear, thin and sterile film dressing. Transparent dressing pad is designed to apply on wounds and clean skin. It ensures breathable viral and bacterial barrier to external contaminants.


With AeroFilm Plus Waterproof Dressing Pad, it becomes easy to manage abrasions and larger wounds.


  • Waterproof cover protects wound during showering
  • Adhesive technology ensures effective management of moisture
  • Breathable film improves oxygen exchange & moisture vapor
  • Secure holding in excessively moist conditions

AeroFilm Plus Waterproof Dressing Pad improves breathability that results in patient comfort. 

 Film with Pad Would Dressing

6cm x 7cm  Film w Pad Single (1) - 124258

6cm x7cm (50)  Film w Pad - 125299

10cm x 12cm  Film w Pad Single (1) - 124259

10cm x 12cm (20)  Film w Pad. - 125298

15cm x 20cm Film w Pad Single (1) - 124260

15cm x 20cm (20) Film w Pad - 125299

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