Tubifast Yellow Line x 1m

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Tubifast 10.75cm x 1m Yellow Line Bandage is designed to support dressing retention on extra-large sized limbs. It holds dressings without compression or constriction. With longitudinal and radial stretch, it is intended to be used for skin covering anywhere on the body. 


Elasticated and lightweight Tubifast 10.75cm x 1m Yellow Line Bandage allows patients freedom of mobility.


  • 2-way stretchy knitting holds dressing in one place
  • Perfect for skin covering & patch wrapping
  • Easy and quick to use bandage
  • Tubular presentation without pins, ties or tapes
  • Absolute protection against cross-contamination
  • Less fray – fibers do not get into wound

Tubifast 10.75cm x 1m Yellow Line Bandage is durable and washable for repeated use. In order to provide patients with extra comfort, this yellow-line bandage will work effectively.

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