Tubifast Green Line x 1m

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Tubifast 5cm x 1m Green Line Bandage supports medium-sized joints or limbs such as: ankle or elbow. This tubular lightweight dressing features 2-way elasticated construction with longitudinal and radial stretch. With extra comfort, Tubifast Green Line Bandage is perfect for skin covering and dressing retention. 


In addition to minimizing cross-contamination risk, Tubifast 5cm x 1m Green Line Bandage ensures less fibers inside the wound.


  • Holds dressings tightly  
  • Tubal presentation without tape or pins
  • Easy and quick-to-use
  • Cut to appropriate size that fits wound size
  • Non-constrictive bandage
  • Cost-effective length

Tubifast 5cm x 1m Green Line Bandage with longitudinal and radial stretch allows freedom of mobility with extra comfort. This bandage is ideal for quick and secure patch wrapping.

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