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Tubifast 7.5cm x 1m Blue Line Bandage is designed to support joints and large-size limbs such as: ankle or elbow. With 2-way elasticity, this tubular lightweight bandage is perfect for skin covering and dressing retention on anywhere on the body. Tubifast bandage does not create compression or constriction while holding dressings securely.


Besides ensuring freedom of mobility, Tubifast 7.5cm x 1m Blue Line Bandage comes with knitted-in-protection lock for soft application.


  • Easy application without pins, ties or tapes
  • Blue Line bandage can be worn under ordinary and nightwear clothes
  • Supports large-sized injured ankles or elbows
  • Light stretch holds dressings within bandage

Tubifast 7.5cm x 1m Blue Line Bandage comes with knitted colored line that identifies the size of bandage. It is easy to cut Tubifast bandage to the size that fits bandage requirements. 

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