Mepilex Border Lite

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Mepilex Border Lite is an all-in-one foam dressing which has been specifically designed to create the best possible healing environment for a wide range of low exuding acute or chronic wounds like post-operative incisions and diabetic wounds.  This soft, comfortable dressing comes with Safetac technology which minimises pain, trauma, skin or wound damage during dressing changes. It is shower-proof and can be easily repositioned without any loss to its adherent properties.


Mepilex Border Lite effectively protects the wound by creating a barrier against virus and bacteria measuring over 25 nm in size. It also maintains a moist wound environment, thereby hastening the healing process. It is easy to remove, produces less odour and leaves no residues in the wound and on the surrounding skin area. Finally, Mepilex Border Lite is the ideal choice for dressing wounds on hands and fingers, feet and toes.

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