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The Mepilex Border is an all-in-one foam dressing intended for pressure injuries as well as acute and chronic wounds. It has been specifically designed to provide the most favorable healing conditions for moderate to severe exuding wounds like pressure injuries, traumatic wounds, leg and foot ulcers, and other secondary healing wounds. The product has also been tested and proven to minimise pain and trauma to the wound and its surrounding skin area.


Mepilex Border maintains a moist wound environment while effectively absorbing and retaining exudates. Moreover, the Safetac layer seals the edges of the wound, preventing the exudates from leaking onto the surrounding skin, thereby minimising the risk of maceration. The Safetac layer also ensures that the dressing can be changed without causing further damage to the wound, the surrounding skin or inflicting more pain to the patient. Finally, it has been proven that Mepilex Border can help in preventing pressure injuries when it is used in addition to standard injury prevention protocols.


  • Safetac technology minimizes pain and trauma during dressing changes
  • Offers a combination of exceptional fluid retention and handling capacity for effective management of exudates
  • Mepilex Border is available in a wide-range of sizes, making it the ideal solution for small to large wounds, including those located on challenging areas of the body.
  • Mepilex Border can be used as part of a prophylactic regimen to help in preventing skin damage like pressure ulcers.
  • Mepilex Border has been proven to act on four extrinsic factors that may contribute to the development of pressure ulcers. These include redistributing pressure, redistributing shear, reducing friction and maintaining an optimal microclimate. 
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