Allevyn Life Wound Dressing

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Patients’ and clinicians’ priorities may differ when considering the main reasons of managing wounds. Whereas clinicians will be inclined towards wound closure, patients are usually apprehensive about maintaining dignity and comfort in their daily activities. That’s why ALLEVYN life wound dressing has been built to incorporate particular dressing features intended to address crucial issues related to wound’s wellbeing.

It consists of several layers: Hydro cellular foam, Silicon adhesive, a protective layer, hyper-absorbent padding layer and a breathable outer film. Unlike some wound dressings, ALLEVYN life wound dressing offers a new perspective in wound care technology, which successfully minimizes leakage, locks in fluids, and flawlessly distribute pressure on the affected area.

The dressing’s wide border and unique shape are meant to fit the outline of the human body, making the patient feel secure. In addition, the masking layer reduces the visual impact of wound’s fluids, helping the patient feel confident since the dressing doesn't draw negative attention. ALLEVYN life wound dressing can be used to cover the wound for 5 or for 7 days (depending on the wound position and exudates level).

Product features and benefits

  • Multi-layered design
  • Excellent fluid locking and absorbency abilities ensure minimal odour and leakage
  • Special masking layer minimises visible exudates
  • Unique shape ensures the dressing stays in place
  • Extra cushioning distributes pressure and protects the wound from bumps and knocks
  • Easy to apply and conform to body contours, with reduced discomfort and pain on removal 
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