Mepilex Border Ag Silver Dressing

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Mepilex Border Ag

Mepilex Border Ag is an all-in-one antimicrobial foam dressing intended for use on a wide range of medium to high-exuding wounds manifesting clinical signs of infection or at high risk of infection. These include pressure injuries, traumatic wounds, partial thickness burns and secondary healing wounds.

A recent international consensus states that antimicrobial action is needed to help lessen bio-burden in infected wounds and to serve as an antimicrobial barrier in wounds that are prone to infection or at risk of re-infection. In general, infected wounds are painful and therefore require the best possible treatment. Mepilex Border Ag features the Safetac technology which has been proven to minimise pain and skin damage during dressing changes. Safetac also seals the wound edges to reduce the risk of maceration.

Mepilex Border Ag contains silver sulfate, a compound with a potent antimicrobial activity. It helps in reducing bio-burden in just 30 minutes after application and kills 99.9% of a wide variety of bacteria for 7 straight days.

 Uses of Mepilex Border Ag:

  • When antimicrobial action is needed to help reduce bio-burden in infected wounds.
  • When antimicrobial action is needed to serve as an antimicrobial barrier in wounds that are susceptible to infection or re-infection like post-operative wounds.
  • To achieve a rapid and sustained effective antimicrobial effect.
  • To combine potent antimicrobial action with a less painful patient care management programme.
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