Allevyn Gentle Border AG Silver Dressing

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Smith & Nephew

NOTE: Listing is for a Single Dressing, box image is for product identification purposes. 

Allevyn Gentle Border Ag Silver Dressing comes with silver protection offering well sustained antibacterial activity to wounds up to 7 days. It is also made with features that enhance easy maintenance of finest moisture balance and can also stay tightly for days making it the best among other brands. 
  • Comes with silicone gel adhesive for easy wound dressing
  • Reduces pains to patient as well as trauma during change of dressing
  • Comes with express and sustained antibacterial property
  • Supreme exude management
  • An exceptional two-in-one chronic wound exuding solution
  • Gentle adhesive offers minimal pains in dressing changes
  • Decreases bactericidal concentrations of silver for about 7 days
  • Comes with both bacterial-proof and waterproof top film

In case of necrotic wounds, Allevyn Gentle Border Ag Silver Dressing can be used together with any hydro-gel dressing like, INTRASITE Gel for effective solution and faster wound healing.

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