Allevyn Gentle Antimicrobial Silver Dressing

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NOTE: Listing is for a Single Dressing, box image is for product identification purposes. 

Allevyn Gentle Antimicrobial Silver Dressing is an adhesive silver wound dressing made with border silicone gel. It is built with silver defense which helps to maintain activity of antiseptic for up to seven days. Also, it comes with triple-action technology which includes: Absorption, retention and exudation transpire. These actions are put together to promote easy management of fluid.

For optimal moisture balance maintenance, Allevyn Gentle Antimicrobial silver dressing is the best bet among other antimicrobial silver dressings you need.

  • Reduces pain to the patient and trauma to the wound during change of dressing
  • Comes with well sustained action of antibacterial
  • Management of optimal exudation
  • An exceptional 2-1 solution which helps to exude chronic wounds
  • Comes with long wear time and lesser dressing changes
  • Can stay in place for up to 7-days’ time
  • Gently adhesive minimizing pain during dressing

Allevyn Gentle Antimicrobial Silver Dressing comes with gentle border dressings and specified to be used in exuding partial and full thickness wounds such as: donor sites, first and second degree burns, diabetic ulcers and others. 

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