Allevyn Adhesive AG Silver Dressing

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NOTE: Listing is for a Single Dressing, box image is for product identification purposes. 

The Allevyn Adhesive Ag Silver Dressing is a high quality waterproof absorbent pad manufactured with SSD. It provides continual release of silver at bactericidal levels. This product is specified for exuding wounds with 7 day wear time and 5 day sacrum. There is easy transpiration of fluid in the wound bed which helps to decrease maceration risk.

Allevyn Adhesive Ag Silver Dressing promotes wound closure rapidly making the wound less likely to produce an odour and leak.

  • Offers an efficient barrier against penetration of bacteria thereby reducing bacterial load
  • Easy to apply and can easily be removed in one piece
  • Designed in different shapes and sizes suitable for all types of wound
  • Helps to avoid healing tissue from growing in dressing reducing trauma on removal
  • Low adhesive all-encompassing solution
  • Comes with top films which become more breathable in the presence of fluid
  • Comfortable and also conformable
  • Helps to maintain moist in the wound interface

The Allevyn Adhesive Ag Silver Dressing is made only for external use and it is not compatible with hydrogen peroxide or any oxidizing agents.

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