Acticoat Moisture Control Antimicrobial Dressing

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Wound dressing has a very significant role in wound recuperating process.  A perfect wound dressing promotes a possibility of a faultless healing by preventing any possible scarring. An exposed wound is likely to have worse scars as it is prone to a range of hazardous things that are capable of injuring the stabilizing tissues and ruining the fresh skin cells.  When applied in the right circumstances, absorbent dressings like Acticoat will effectively handle exudates and prevent bacteria from entering the wound.

Acticoat moisture control is a multi-layer dressing consisting of 3 layers: A nanocrystalline silver-coated polyurethane layer, a waterproof polyurethane film, and a white polyurethane foam layer. The non-adherent layer allows minimal pain when changing or wearing the dressing while the highly absorptive fibre layers are vital in absorbing the exudate. Additionally, Acticoat moisture control maintains the wound at the most favourable temperature; and unlike some other dressings, it does not leave any traces of fibres on removal as these might act as breeding grounds for bacteria.

Product features and benefits

  • Provides fast-acting, lifelong antimicrobial barrier control
  • Versatile: Dressing can be resized to the desired shape
  • Highly absorbent
  • Cover dressing is not required
  • Application and removing, is easy
  • Low adherent - Minimal pain on removal
  • Enhances patients comfort
  • Provides 7-day wear time
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