Acticoat Antimicrobial Dressing

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NOTE: Listing is for a Single Dressing, box image is for product identification purposes. 

Acticoat Antimicrobial Dressing is a dressing that works with antimicrobial properties to offer an effective and efficient blockage for bacterial penetration. It is built with versatile and flexible features for proper infection management both by surgeons and nurses working in acute care.

This product is made with 3-layers which include: Absorbent interior core which is squeezed amidst the outer layers coated with silver, Polyethylene net with low adherence. There is also nanocrystalline silver which helps to protect wound sites against colonisation of bacteria. The work of the inner core is to ensure the wound environment remains moist.

  • Nanocrystalline Silver Antimicrobial blockade which offers effective barrier protecting wound site against any form of pathogenic attack
  • Acticoat forms competent barrier against wide-range of antimicrobial activities and prevents more than 150 pathogens including, good and bad bacterial as well as fungal wound pathogens
  • Sustains release of silver for about three days
  • Fast in operation and can kill bacterial faster than conventional silver forms
  • Less painful and simpler to remove from wound than silver sulphadiazine
  • Helps to prevent and reduce rate of infection by killing pathogenic organisms present in wounds
  • Easy to use on different body surfaces due to its varied shapes and sizes
  • Promotes quicker healing
  • low adherence

Acticoat Antimicrobial Dressing is made for partial and full wound management like leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns, diabetic foot ulcers, cavity wounds and lots more.

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