Acticoat 7 Antimicrobial Dressing

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NOTE: Listing is for a Single Dressing, box image is for product identification purposes. 

Acticoat 7 Antimicrobial Dressing is manufactured to offer effective wound healing. It is a dressing made with improved silver technology in order to assist in creating the finest wound environment. This product helps to deliver quick and permanent antimicrobial barrier management.

Acticoat 7 antimicrobial dressing is highly effective in preventing wound contamination. More so, it kills micro-organisms with higher speed than other traditional products such as Silver sulfadiazine and silver nitrate.

  • Polyester/rayon core which helps in both management of moisture level and silver release control
  • Facilitates silver passage via the dressing due to high density of polyethylene coated with silver in it.
  • Nanocrystalline pure silver coating offers antimicrobial barrier action within 30 minutes time which is quicker than other silver forms
  • Built with NUCRYST Pharmaceutical’s antimicrobial technology which produces polyethylene films coated with silver with the ability to release efficient silver concentration for many days
  • Highly versatile and can be cut to desired shape
  • Cost-effective and can be on the wound up to 1 week

Acticoat 7 Antimicrobial Dressing is a premium effective barrier against bacteria access. The functions of the barrier can be helpful in infection reduction both partial and complete thickness wounds such as: venous stasis ulcers, decubitus ulcers, first-and-second degree burns and lots more.

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