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When you get wounded, it is not only the scarred tissue that you should be bothered about. You may continue developing infections, possibly leaving these tissues to greater damage putting your chances of healing in jeopardy. With an objective of minimising this risk, health experts have come up with dressings that are able to cleanse moderately to heavily discharging wounds.

Mesalt dressing, being one of them, is effective in speeding up the healing process of wounds. It is able to create a moist environment, which perfectly cleanses deep, discharging, and infected wounds. Its mechanism of action is based on forming a hypertonic wound environment that minimises interstitial oedema and encourages wound cleansing and elimination of necrotic material away from the wound.

The built-in cleansing feature in Mesalt dressing minimises the need to cleanse lesions or wounds during dressing changes so that you can’t unsettle the growth of healthy tissues, as the wound recuperates.  With that said, the dressing should be withdrawn when the wound’s debridement is no longer important and fresh growth of granulation tissue is satisfactory.

Product features and benefits

  • Natural cleansing abilities that support wound healing
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Absorbs exudates, bacteria and slough
  • Conforms to any wound configuration
  • Easy to apply and removal
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