Melgisorb Alginate Abosrbent Dressing

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Healthy skin is a natural shield, handy for preventing infections. A sore in your skin allows germs to attack your body and cause infections. Dressing your wound can greatly help to keep it clean and free from infections.

Melgisorb Alginate Absorbent Dressing can greatly reduce the possibility of an infection to a wound. It is a highly absorbent kind of dressing that kills microorganisms for up to 4 days. Made of soft alginate fibres, this dressing does not disintegrate in the wound bed; hence, can be removed without difficulties in one piece.

Melgisorb Alginate Absorbent Dressing works by absorbing even large amounts of exudates and creating a gel which provides a moist environment perfect for wound healing. The soft moist gel formed, does not stick on the wounded spot, thereby minimising pain and trauma during wear and dressing change. Melgisorb Alginate Absorbent Dressing can be used for venous and arterial ulcers, pressure sores, donor sites, diabetic ulcers and post-operative wounds.

Product features and benefits

  • Exceptional absorption for moderately to heavily exuding deep wounds
  • High fibre strength that aids removal in one piece
  • Provides unrelenting antimicrobial effect
  • May be used under compression damages
  • Can remain situated for several days depending on the wound’s condition


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