Kaltostat Alginate Calcium Sodium Dressing

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Treatment of chronic or acute wounds calls for correct and careful management, adapted to the wound healing process with proper wound dressings. It is vital to prevent infection in the wound and to encourage wound healing in a manner that is successful, permanent and gentle on the patient.

Kaltostat Calcium Sodium Alginate Dressing is a soft, non-woven dressing of alginate fibre, which acts as a perfect barrier to microbial infection for moderate to low exudating full and partial thickness wounds.  It is highly absorbent and successfully converts exudate to a gel that forms a moist, warm environment all over the wound. This eventually stops the sore or wound from drying out and most significantly, aids debridement.

Kaltostat Calcium Sodium Alginate Dressing soft and comfortable and patients wearing it can always expect a trauma-free removal. It can be left in position up to seven days.

Product features and benefits

  • Calcium sodium alginate dressing
  • Highly absorbent to take in exudates
  • Creates a moist, warm healing environment
  • Trauma-free removal
  • Ideal for minor bleeding wounds
  • Can remain in place up to seven days
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