Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing

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Anytime you have a wound, either a major incision or even a minor cut, it's important to care for it appropriately. Part of the procedure includes wound care dressings. Nowadays, there is an array of options in regards to dressings. To establish the best and most successful dressings depends on the kind of wound you have.

Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing is effective in a wide variety of chronic and acute wounds. It is ideal for the management of partial and full-thickness wounds with heavy to moderate exudates and which could also be susceptible to minor bleeding such as leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, pressure ulcers, malignant wounds and surgical wounds.

How does Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing, achieve its wound-healing capabilities? As soon as it’s in contact with wound exudates or serum, it successfully forms a hydrophilic gel. This conforms to the outlines of the wound and helps create and retain a micro-environment (moist environment) that is understood to facilitate wound healing. In addition, it is soft and comfortable, a key factor in managing any kind of wound.

Product features and benefits

  • Help prevent eschar formation and  encourage wound contraction
  • Fast –gelling to form and retain moist wound environment
  • Low fibre shed construction
  • High integrity when wet
  • Highly  absorbent
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to remove
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