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Zetuvit Plus is an extension of Zetuvit and features Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) for higher absorption capacity. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of softness, high absorbency and padding. It is the ideal choice for the treatment of heavily exuding superficial wounds. 

The dressing quickly binds wound exudate and retains it inside the absorbent core. The enhanced absorption and retention capacity reduces the frequency of dressing changes and provides better fluid handling capability in difficult to manage heavily exuding wounds.

Product features:

  • Skin-friendly and air-permeable material without any sharp edges
  • Maximum absorption capacity, soaks up more than twice the volume of traditional absorbent dressing pads
  • Hydrophobic outer non-woven surface prevents the dressing from adhering to the wound
  • Superabsorbent core with a liquid retaining absorber that effectively binds and traps exudate
  • Unique non-woven water repellent side (facing away from the wound) which is permeable to air
  • The non-woven fabric surrounds the core and uniformly disperses the liquid
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