Mextra Superabsorbent Dressing

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Superabsorbent Mextra® Dressing comes with 4-layer unique construction that means optimal performance. For extra clinical care, it features bonding fibers, cotton fibers, and absorbent bottom layer. Absorbent layer of Superabsorbent Mextra® Dressing does not turn into disintegrate or bulky on exudate absorption.

Superabsorbent Mextra® Dressing remains comfortable and dry for patients. It is designed to use on minor to seriously exuding wounds. 


  • Outstanding absorption
  • Fluid acquisition
  • Optimal breathability
  • Well-maintained retention & dryness
  • Comfort and protection

Besides absorbing wound exudate, Superabsorbent Mextra® Dressing retains exudate inside the core reducing the risk of maceration. Non-woven fluid-repellent backing works as barrier to stop fluid stick-through.   

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