Melolin Low Adherent Highly Absorbent Dressing

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Selecting the precise wound dressing can be sometimes overwhelming, given the wide variety of dressings available in the market nowadays. To begin with, it is crucial to understand that the dressing is not the only factor which mends lower extremity wounds. Debridement, dressing removal, and other wound management procedures play a big role in wound recovery. Specifically, dressing removal can be rather painful, particularly if the dressing remains on for a long period or there is heavy bleeding under the dressing. This is where adherent low dressings become significant.

MELOLIN has been widely accepted as an ideal choice in regards to managing wounds. It is a low-adherent and highly absorbent dressing. It consists of a plastic film which is meant to prevent the dressing from sticking on wound’s surface and is perforated to facilitate the passage of exudates produced by the wound into the pad’s body. Melolin can be employed on its own to cover dry sutured wounds, abrasion and superficial cuts and other lightly exuding wounds.

Features and benefits

  • Low adherent perforated film ideal for rapid drainage of exudates
  • Reduces trauma to healing tissues
  • Highly absorbent
  • Protects the wound from advanced injuries
  • Dressing can be reshaped for awkward areas
  • Individually wrapped and sterile
  • Offers outstanding patient comfort
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