Carbonet Absorbent Odour Control Dressing

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Odours released by chronic wounds present a big problem for patients, family members, and healthcare professionals. Sometimes, odours can become very relentless to an extent of making a patient withdraw entirely from social interactions, even with close friends and family. Within the class of non-malignant chronic wounds or sores, legs ulcers are mostly associated with noxious odours.

Nowadays, special odour-reducing dressings like Carbonet absorbent have been developed, all of which comprise of some kind of activated charcoal molecules, which are renowned for their ability to absorb odours. Carbonet absorbent dressing has a superb absorptive ability and can absorb thick exudates usually found in leg ulcers and other severe chronic wounds. 

This dressing has been constructed in such a manner that it does not call for a separate absorbent dressing and wound contact layer. This simplifies dressing changes, hence saving valuable nursing time. Moreover, the Carbonet absorbent odour control dressing is comfy and can be resized to fit wounds that are gawkily situated.

Product features

  • Activated charcoal layer
  • Absorbs bacteria and offensive odours
  • Wound contact layer
  • Easy to apply and retain
  • Low-adherent
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Absorbent padding layer
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