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The Sharpsafe container is used for safely disposing of needles and syringes.

Made from a leak and puncture resistant material, this waste container also comes with a semi-translucent lid with a fill line, that visually signals when the content is full. Made from a leak-proof, puncture-resistant material.


  • Has a temporary closure feature that provides safety when not using the container
  • The in-mold label can be filled with vital medical information, and it also cannot be removed, providing an audit trail
  • The wide aperture eases the disposal of waste
  • Easy to assemble with the four click system
  • Can be mounted on various surfaces, like stands, wall brackets or trolleys
POS Code Description Size
POS-127136 Sharps Container 1 L Sharpsafe - 36-4160 1000ml
POS-127135 Sharps Container 2 L Sharpsafe - 36-4140 2000ml
POS-127133 Sharps Container 200ml Sharpsafe - 36-4173 200ml
POS-127134 Sharps Container 600ml Sharpsafe - 36-4150 600ml
POS-127138 Stand Press For .3 .35 .45 Sharps- 36-4150B Standpress 3 .45 .6L
POS-127140 Tray Sharp Safe 1 & 2 Litre Sharps - 36-4300 Tray 1 & 2 Litre
POS-127139 Wall Loop Bracket For .3 .35 .45 Sharps- 36-4250B Wall Bracket 3 .45 .6
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