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Microshield T Triclosan Skin Cleanser is specifically designed procedural antibacterial hand wash. Containing 1% of Triclosan, chemical inhibition and mechanical removal of flora, this effective antiseptic solution works against MRSA. This gentle antiseptic solution conforms to the moisturizing needs of sensitive skin.

For immediate residual activity, Microshield T Triclosan Skin Cleanser contains moisturizers, emollients, and surfactants which are known for their gentleness to skin.



  • Antibacterial hand wash
  • Powerful antiseptic solution
  • Maintains pH level in healthy skin
  • Ideal antimicrobial solution for hand washing
  • Residual & immediate activity
  • 500ml

Microshield T Triclosan Skin Cleanser with bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties, it becomes active against fungi, gram-positive & negative bacteria.  

More Information
Bullet PointsT Triclosan skin cleanser
pH 5.5
with emollient and moisturiser
Topical Antibacterial Solution
Contains Triclosan
1.0% w/w
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