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Energy bars are supplemental formulations made of cereals and other energy foods meant for people who need instant energy but have limited time to eat. These energy bars are known to have large amounts of proteins handy for recovery from exhausting exercises or backpacking excursions with high mile days.  Unlike energy drinks which contain caffeine, energy bars only provide food energy.

Shotz Protein Bar is a tasty choc-caramel bite with a rice crisp texture. It has been uniquely developed for muscle building and muscle repair, especially during post-training recovery. The ingredients in this bar are formulated in such a manner that your recovering process after training can be enjoyable. Most notably, it is very easy to consume and light on the tummy. This ease in digestion lets you still focus on rehydration even after those long training hours.

Product features and benefits

  • 20 grams of high impact protein
  • Rice crisp texture to ease consumption
  • No-added sugar choc coating
  • Very tasty


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