Shotz Electrolyte Tablets 12 Tab Tube

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After a calorie-torching session, at times water just won’t rehydrate the body fully. Sweat consist of water and electrolytes, so exercise step by step, uses up your body’s supply of these items, especially energy. For that reason, a sports drink made of electrolytes and water is vital to replenish nutrients.

Shotz Electrolyte Tablets 12 Tab Tube is a sugar-free sports drink. It functions by making sure that the most essential electrolytes are replenished in amounts which directly match the ones lost in sweat. The most significant factor in fluid replacement is how fast a solution can effectively move across the gut to replenish. Shots electrolyte tablets do exactly that by quickly entering the bloodstream to restore optimal electrolyte and water balance. Intrinsically, it allows a person to modify and adapt their hydration approach based on their personal physiological form and the changing environment they exercise.

Product features and benefits

  • Perfect electrolyte composition to avoid cramping and maximize hydration
  • Scientifically formulated – a blend of electrolytes meant to replenish what is lost
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Portable tough tube
  • Simple to use
  • Does not contain carbohydrate. It is meant purely for hydration



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