Prevail Belted Undergarment (30)

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Prevail Belted is a breathable cloth-like outer fabric undergarment which is more comfortable to wear and without any skin irritation. it's Advanced Zoning System (AZS) improves its overall performance. Its elastic straps are able to use again and the bolstered button holes assure a snug, cozy match to save you from leakage. one size suites everyone. 


  • Cloth-like Outer Fabric: is a gentle and breathable outer material this is extra comfortable for the wearer and decreases the threat of pores and skin inflammation.
  • Advanced Zoning System: (AZS) AZS improves product performance through specialized functional zones.
  • Target Acquisition Zone: Advanced center design and speedy absorbing blue stay-dry strip substantially improves pores and skin dryness and decreases the capacity for leakage for improved smell manage healthier pores and skin, and further wearer comfort.

Prevail Belted Undergarment

Use: Disposable shield, reusable straps
Closure Style: Belt/Buttons
Protection Level: Moderate to Heavy
Sex: Unisex
Age: Adult
Protection Type: Urinary Incontinence and Fecal Incontinence
Bariatric: No

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